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Try to figure out a concrete, real place, where companies and other interested stakeholders, have a chance to dialogue with the public administration and with a system of over 90 public and private partners, where it is possible to propose innovative solutions in response to open challenges for cities and to be able to bring in new contribution and solutions to solve them

A location where testing innovative ideas for the future can be easier and accesible, where the social impact can be analysed and where it is possible to monitor their acceptability and feasibility at community level.A place where ideas are measured and tested according to the real needs of the citizens and offer new solutions, improving the quality of life and promoting environmental and social sustainability at an urban scale. From aquaponics for city greenhouses, to intelligent systems to allow smart parking for people with disabilities, measures which not only reduce traffic congestion, consumption and emission pollution, at the same time. From air quality monitoring sensors to new cooperative, low-emitting, connected modes of transportation. With further innovative solutions for culture, tourism, citizen services, urban security.



Torino City Lab relaunched itself with the smart life paradigm and with the aim of contributing to the ecological and digital transition of the territory and services to citizens. This reflects the City commitment for keeping climate neutrality by 2030.

Priorities for the next three years:

  • Green & Smart Mobility
  • Green, climate resilience and circular economy
  • Innovative urban services
  • Culture and Education

Torino City Lab is always open and available to the requests for the best innovative ideas in response to the needs of the city and its citizens.

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Thanks to the broad partnership of public and private, national and international players, Torino City Lab guarantees a stronger and diversified ecosystem to support the ideas and experiments in the urban innovation field presented, also enabling the scalability of the new technologies. Torino City Lab has also designed a system for guiding and/or evaluating the proposals submitted, which uses the experience of the many partners involved in order to achieve top results.

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