The "green" call of the European project SME4GREEN is open.

The call is aimed at Turin SMEs in the "food" sector that have the desire to make a green transition of their business.

In fact, the European SME4GREEN project aims to create, by 2024, the conditions for cooperation between local SMEs and public authorities and to facilitate the development of public policies that support the adoption of green and digital solutions by local businesses.

Turin in particular wants to create a dialogue with SMEs in the food sector (catering , processing, production), on the theme of circular economy, in synergy with the objectives of another European project FUSILLI - which aims to fostering urban food systems through innovative living labs - and in line with actions to achieve climate neutrality by 2030.

 SME4GREEN in Turin aims to implement the following actions:

5 SMEs will be supported in carrying out crowdfunding campaigns to bring "green" products aimed at the circular economy to the market;

- 10 SMEs will benefit from mentoring in innovation management and support in developing "green and digitization" solutions..

SMEs will receive help from SME4GREEN project experts in identifying and applying for European funding (managed at the national or European level).

Click here to send your expression of interest now. You will immediately engage in a dialogue with the Turin City Administration and can be one of the finalist SMEs guided by SME4GREEN in its green and digital transition.

SME4GREEN is a project written and coordinated by and co-funded by the European Commission under the Single Market Program.