On Monday, May 15, the partners of the European project SME4GREEN gathered in Turin.

The event was jointly led by the Municipality of Turin and Environment Park, in collaboration with local stakeholders participating in the project. These included the Turin Chamber of Commerce, Torino Social Impact, University of Turin, and Mercato Circolare. Representatives from local SMEs and the Ilfov region in Romania (the Romanian region surrounding the city of Bucharest), which is finalizing the first green deal within the same project, were also present.

The workshop focused on the process of signing a local green deal in both territories in the near future, encompassing various sectors of the circular economy. Turin, where the European project  FUSILLI is also underway, will primarily focus on the food sector, while Ilfov will concentrate on textiles and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

The different stakeholders actively started discussing the joint actions to be undertaken in both Ilfov and Turin. The day concluded with a visit to the laboratories of Envipark.

The catering, provided by Vastè impresa sociale, showcased a commitment to circularity and environmental sustainability.


SME4GREEN is a project written and coordinated by  fonduri-structurale.ro and co-financed by the European Commission under the Single Market Programme.