Project Application

Torino City lab is a laboratory open to all companies (start-ups, SME, large companies, social enterprises, etc.) interested in testing "INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS OF PUBLIC INTEREST IN TORINO TERRITORY".

By "solution" we mean a product, a technology, a process, a service or a mix of these, able to respond to an identified problem.
"Innovative" refers to NEW OR SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED solution compared to the European market in the sector. and target audience; the definition "Of public interest" means, for the targets of this initiative, solutions that focus on urban living and therefore set themselves the goal of positively influencing policies, services and public assets and creating "social impact" in the medium term. With regard to the sectoral areas of intervention, reference is made to the #smart life paradigm, with the aim of contributing to the ecological and digital #transition of the territory and services to citizens. All this is also in implementation of the City commitment to climate neutrality by 2030

Among the priorities for the next three years:

  • Green & Smart Mobility;
  • Green, climate resilience and circular economy;
  • Innovative urban services;
  • Culture and Education

Specific calls for challenges or priority areas will be identified that will allow the launch of "Thematic Laboratories" in which companies will be able to submit their innovative experiments following the needs resulting from requests to the Municiplaity areas/departments from the territory, as well as a result of the comparison between the partners of Torino City Lab or as part of a European cooperation process. Furthermore, windows may be opened for free candidacies related to all the areas described above.

Check the OPEN CALLS page if there are opportunities in progress.

The Torino City Lab team is available to discuss with companies interested in testing a solution on the territory. In this case please refer to us for communication, by filling out the following FORM.

For companies interested in experimenting with technological solutions enabled by 5G connectivity, the CTE-NEXT project is worth mentioning, as it offers opportunities for acceleration, technology transfer and testing support.

Visit the dedicated page and the project website.

Open Calls

it is possible to check if there are challenges or free application windows open in the current period.

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Closed calls

it is possible to consult the completed challenges.

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