Educational Lab


The Educational Lab of Torino City Lab was born in the framework of the project LEA (Learning Technologies Accelerator) in which the City of Torino proposed to develop a space dedicated to innovation in the educational field, to allow the testing of solutions for teaching and learning environments. In this perspective, thanks to the initiative "Scuola Centro Civico" which the Educational Services Area of the City of Torino is setting up at the complex in Via Bardonecchia 34, the educational proposals will be tested in an environment designed and equipped to host the innovations.

The "Educational Living Lab" spaces will be dedicated to workshops open to all schools with the guidance of experts and with the active role of citizens, students and teachers, interested in experiencing first-hand educational experiences.

By adopting an inclusive approach, the Educational Lab aims to:

  • contribute to the development of the innovation market in the education sector;
  • encourage innovative teaching methods that meet the needs of each student;
  • promote a rethinking of school spaces;
  • create an open network of schools and experiment with learning tools that could connect students with local structures dedicated to culture and education.