CTE NEXT – La Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti di Torino

Description of the project

The goal of CTE NEXTThe project, launched on 1 March 2021 and lasting four years, will promote the acceleration of start-ups and technology transfer to Smes.

The goal of CTE NEXT is to achieve in Turin, in close collaboration with the Universities of Turin and other strategic partners - selected from the relevant and competent partners of Turin City Lab - a technology transfer center spread on emerging technologies enabled by 5G (Iot, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain):

The City has identified four strategic vertical sectors for development and innovation on which will address the lines of action of the CTE and business support services:


Smart Road

Innovative solutions enabling advanced, safe and intelligent mobility, from connected vehicles, to V2X communications, from integration with mobility scenarios to algorithms for autonomous driving.

Urban Air Mobility

Innovative solutions to enable the use of air platforms to support sustainable and safe mobility of goods and people, from monitoring and control applications to their integration as means of transport.


That is innovative solutions in order to connect machines, objects, resources and people in productive atmosphere and along the business supply chain, along the entire cycle of life of the product/service, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of production, but also of relationships with suppliers and customers.

Innovative Urban Services

Innovative solutions in support of the Public Administration, for the provision of services to the citizen, the management of resources, goods and public spaces, the valorization of the territory and the development of business from the private public collaboration.

CTE NEXT locations 

In the wider framework of Torino City Lab, the innovation policy of the City of Turin, will create an attractive and generative environment for start-ups and Smes from abroad, promoting services and acceleration programs for start-ups (or aspiring companies), technology technology transfer services for Smes and in general support for real-world testing.

CTE NEXT will therefore provide locations, assets and expertise spread throughout the territory, including a multi-service technological infrastructure that can be used on-demand by companies and partners for the development and demonstration of innovative solutions in different verticals.

With CTE NEXT the City of Turin aims to propose a new cooperative model of urban ecosystem of innovation, which can be transferred to other urban contexts on a national and European scale and create, consequently, new forms of collaboration and new markets for companies and innovative urban solutions accompanied in Turin.

CTE NEXT will be able to generate a measurable impact in terms of new businesses, new employment, new skills and urban services enabled by 5G tested and then ready to enter our cities.

Map Torino City Lab


Comune di Torino
Politecnico di Torino
Università degli Studi di Torino
Fondazione Links
CIM 4.0
5T srl
Fondazione Torino Wireless
Digital Magics
Talent garden with OGR TECH
TIM S.p.A.

Expected results

  Indicator Description Target


Services offered Number of services provided by holdings 15+
Profiling companies Number of undertakings scouting 600+
New connected hubs Number of new innovation locations for accelerating activities, Technology transfer, Dissemination with 5G indoor coverage 4+
Stress test areas Number of outdoor stress test areas infrastructured for testing new services enabled by 5G in real conditions 3+
Coworking Number of coworking places available to enterprises 40+
Realized events Nnumber of realized events for enterprises, studends and citizens 50+
Realized calls Number of calls for enterprises access to the services 12